Multimedia Design and Development

Project Scope

In this project, I adopted a systematic approach to designing and developing multimedia for instruction.  I applied my knowledge of effective instructional strategies with the basic principles of visual literacy, Web design, and multimedia design to develop effective and usable learning objects.

The project objectives are as follows:

  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively use multimedia for learning
  • Evaluate the impact that audio, and audio coupled with graphics, can have on the learning experience
  • Analyze the implications of effective and ineffective use of images and words in instructional materials
  • Examine the modality principle as it relates to the use of audio in instructional materials
  • Produce a mp3 audio file
  • Edit and publish an animation

For this effort, I applied practical multimedia skills to develop an interactive learning experience.

Select an image below to view examples of my multimedia skills.



Using Multimedia to Enhance Learning




Audio headset 

 The Impact of Audio on Learning