Organizations, Innovation and Change


Project Scope

This project demonstrates a strategic change initiative for a public organization.

The project objectives are as follows:

  • Evaluate how the structure and culture of an organization relate to the organization’s overall effectiveness.
  • Analyze the characteristics of effective leaders and evaluate their own leadership skills and competencies
  • Conduct an interview or research to gather information about a change that occurred in an organization
  • Analyze the leadership style and structure within an organization
  • Describe the process that an organization underwent to institute a change
  • Analyze the strategies leaders used to overcome resistance and sustain a change
  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the change process described in the organization profile

As the principal change coordinator for this effort, I conducted the research, communication and analysis tasks for this project. The communication and project coordinator skills used include but are not limited to

  • Identify an organization that has undergone a change initiative
  • Interview key leadership in the organization
  • Analyze the scope of the organizational change
  • Create a report of the findings from the interview with leadership
  • Create a multimedia presentation depicting the organizational change

Authentic Organization and Innovation and Change Multimedia Presentation

This video represents a public organization that experienced a significant change in the way it supported its primary customer base. The CIO was successful in shifting the organization from compliance to customer focus. He created a personal relationship and trust with the customers which is essential when seeking to implement change in an organization. He believes that servant leadership is the most important form of leadership. He was voted CIO of the year in 2010. The video provides a demonstration of an effective leader that successfully led an organizational change initiative that resulted in a strategic win for the state education system in Georgia.