Project Management in Education and Training

Internet Man-to-Man (IM2M) HIV / AIDS Workshop Project Management

Project Scope 

This project demonstrates the application of project management skills from conception to implementation. The principal stakeholder for this project has been presenting the Man-to-Man (M2M) HIV /AIDS prevention workshop as a face-to-face workshop for over 5 years. The project objective is to convert the class to an interactive multimedia course that is available online (IM2M HIV / AIDS).

The project objectives are as follows:

  • Create a virtual synchronous training component.
  • To host 50 – 60 participants in a virtual synchronous training environment over 4 days in 4-hour segments
  • Assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the virtual synchronous Internet workshop versus the face-to-face workshop delivery with the participants

As the principal ID for this effort, I performed all the communication and project management tasks. The project management skills used include but are not limited to

  • Identify scope
  • Evaluate the communication, management, and design issues
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Specify and sequence project activities, tasks, and deliverables
  • Analyze the effort, resources, and costs associated with the project
  • Complete a Project Schedule and Resource Allocation Plan for the project
  • Assess the risks associated with a project and propose a risk management plan
  • Create a Communication Plan and Project Monitoring Matrix for tracking communication and keeping stakeholders accountable during their ID project
  • Create a checklist for tracking project close-out criteria and activities

View the IM2M HIV / AIDS Workshop Project Management Plan